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Basic Survival Gear Kits

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ATTENTION:  The leading offices for emergency preparedness have chosen a wide variety of products to help everyone overcome devastating emergencies.  These products were carefully chosen with your potential needs in mind, relevant to what history has shown us. Survival gear kits with first aid bottle, make your survival gear kit checklist, childrens camping survival gear kits, Long Term Food Storage kits, cold weather survival gear kits, Hunting outdoor survival kits, Elite survival gear kits and Deluxe survival gear kits. 

ATTN Diabetics: The Wise Product Food Bars and Meals are great for 72 hour survival periods. The label tells you calorie, sugar and carbohydrate content. For instance, you may need to divide the 3,600 calorie bar into 4 meals. If you are not feeding a Diabetic, just enjoy it. Look for identification SKUs of FW24, FW36, FS72 and FSSA.

Basic Survival Gear Kits
Orig.: $75.00
Sale: $71.56
2 Person Survival Kit
Orig.: $95.99
Sale: $88.88
Hunter Survival Gear
Orig.: $128.00
Sale: $112.63
Survival Mini Kit
Orig.: $46.00
Sale: $34.78
Survival Pal
Orig.: $51.00
Sale: $44.55
Fruit'nSuch Seeds
Orig.: $66.99
Sale: $58.07
Ancient Grains Seeds
Orig.: $66.99
Sale: $59.07
Culinary Seeds
Orig.: $65.99
Sale: $60.17
Emergency Seeds 6 Kinds
Orig.: $322.09
Sale: $318.45
Survival Seed for Garden
Orig.: $68.44
Sale: $62.07
Medicinal Herb Seeds
Orig.: $75.89
Sale: $62.07
Salsa Preparedness Seed
Orig.: $67.99
Sale: $63.77